About Me

NOTE: The opinions expressed in this blog are MY OWN and are not necessarily those of my employer, partner, friends, family or anyone else with whom I am associated.

Just had to make sure people understand that…

At the time of this Blog’s creation, I’m currently working through a probation period at a local eCommerce company here in South Africa. I’m helping to coordinate the website, making sure products are kept up to date and such.

I’m taking steps to get proper qualifications to develop professional web and desktop applications using the Microsoft® .NET Framework. Although there are a number of languages that work with the .NET Framework, I code in Visual Basic as it’s easier to see what’s happening – you don’t have a million little brackets and other symbols to work through.

Because of my goals and the steps I’ve taken to achieve them, I rarely have time to pursue my hobbies which are freerunning and cars (customization and maintenance).

This blog is primarily meant to showcase things I’ve learned to do with Visual Basic and the .NET Framework and to share my .NET development journey with the world.


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