Life during unemployment

So, it came as a bit of a shock, but the folks at that eCommerce company I was working for when I started this blog decided to terminate my contract… They were very nice about it so kudos to them for that! I have no regrets about working there, and I hope that in the future, I might get the opportunity to work with them again (By the way – Zane, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting for my reference letter.)

You’d think that life as a non-productive member of the public would be boring. You’d be right, although, the last two days (today included despite the fact it’s barely begun) have been quite eventful for me.
I was so happy last night because I’d finally managed to activate my copy of Windows Vista – no more notifications 🙂
This was the highlight of my day because yesterday had really been slow and uneventful!

This morning was not so eventful in the way you’d want something to be eventful… No, it wasn’t something good that happened!
I was trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep this morning when the dog started barking right outside my bedroom window. To help you understand, my bed runs down the length of my room right along the window so, to have the dog barking just where he was barking is pretty painful for my ears. Normally to shut the dog up for a good half-hour, I knock on the window frame just between the two panes of glass.

What happened this morning is a result of this action… I missed the windows frame by roughly half an inch and knocked the +/-1m squared pane of glass out of the frame (old brittle window putty) and it broke into several hundred pieces on the ground…

Great way to start the day isn’t it 😛

I’d like to hear about your great starts to the day, post some comments people!!!

That’s it for this post really. On a side note, I’ll be continuing my visual basic guestbook soon. I just haven’t had the time what with replacing windows and looking for a job 😛



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