The kind of weekend you DON’T want to have…

Last week friday, I was really looking forward to the weekend. It’s a long week, I have to get up absurdly early every day so a little R & R was going to be great, and so it was while it lasted.

Saturday night, I was “inspecting” one of my older brother’s newest possessions in his room. There were some friends there and some friends of friends and several people brought their laptop pc’s for multiplayer games later on in the evening.
The one guy (the guy who most of this post is about) brought his work laptop because he didn’t have anything else which would’ve been ok if he’d accepted the fact that in a social environment like that, especially with alcohol involved as it was, stuff is going to happen that nobody wants…

As I finished inspecting the new object my older brother had acquired, I placed it back on the shelf where I’d picked it up from. Apparently I didn’t do a very good job of this because it fell off the shelf and hit the friend-of-a-friend’s work laptop (the one mentioned earlier) and broke the screen on it’s way to the floor.
I didn’t notice at first because the screen was off so there was no way to see that it had been damaged. Upon realising I’d accidentally damaged the guy’s computer, I did the right thing and apologised to him about it and offered to give him the money for it at the end of the month when I get paid.

Understandably angry (and most likely drunk – I couldn’t really tell seeing as I don’t really know the guy), his response to my more than generous offer was a prompt “Dude, you better just get out of my face.”. That’s a direct quote.
Now I’m the hell in. He’s pissed with me about something I didn’t do on purpose, and now he’s threatening me – in my own house!!!
Thereafter, I rescinded my offer to pay for the damages as – from my point of view – he’s now rejected it and cleared me of any responsibility in the matter.

Yesterday afternoon, I get a call from my bud whose sitting with this guy – because they’ve known each other for a long time – and he’s asking me what I’m going to do about this whole situation. I told him that I’m not going to take liability for anything that happened because the guy who owned the laptop accepted the risk of it getting damaged when he brought it to my house. Eventually these people end up having the guy’s fiance to talk to me who then tells me (I’m paraphrasing here because I can’t really remember the whole thing) “We’re trying to sort this out civilly, but because you’re not willing to do that by taking responseibility for it, we’re going to lay a charge of malicious damage against you and we’re going to talk to our lawyer and sue you for the money. This means that you’ll have the police by your house a little later and you’ll be receiving a letter from our lawyers tomorrow.”

Well, I wasn’t arrested yesterday, and I’m not expecting a letter today or anytime this week in fact. I have to say that the thing that irritates me the most about all this is that there are actually some people who can’t accept that “shit happens” (think Forest Gump!!!).
I also have to say that since their “scare tactics” didn’t work, I’m very curious to see what they’re going to do now. My guess is that this whole story will just disappear…



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