Don’t get upset with the guy behind the counter!

For the second time in my working life, I find myself in an industry I can’t stand working in. The first was working as a cashier at a local Pick ‘n Pay when I was 16, and now, a mere 5 years later, I’m working for an eCommerce company here in South Africa.

If you think it’s not the same thing, then consider the following:

  • Both are stores of some sort, and therefore, they sell stuff,
  • In both situations, I have to deal with customers, and finally
  • IN both situations, I fight fiercely with my body’s increasing need for sleep.

The only reason I took this job was because it pays well. It’s most data capture which falls into the Administrative Industry (my second least favorite industry to work in – the first being Retail).

The biggest problem with working in such an industry is that, on occasion, I have to tell my customers something they aren’t going to want to hear. This means that they are going to get upset and/or angry. When either of these two emotions comes into the picture, 90% of the time, the person in my position – be it behind a counter, or on the phone) get’s yelled at and basically treated like rubbish.

This is because the customer only sees the fact that (s)he hasn’t gotten what (s)he wanted. They don’t consider the fact that the person they’re yelling at has no control over the situation. It’s one of those “Kill the messenger” scenarios…

Lets face it, if my supplier runs out of stock or an order has been dispatched late, there’s nothing I can do about it! So next time you’re in one of these situations where the level of service you’ve received hasn’t met up with the level of service you expected, shrug you should, look disappointed, utter an “Oh, damn” now and then and be patient. You’ll get what you want – that’s what the retail industry is all about.
Don’t go off on a loud, angry tirade with the cashier/waiter/receptionist, it doesn’t help…

So that’s it from me for today. I’d like to thank you for your time and I’d also like to thank you for reading my blog. Comments are welcome, so don’t be shy ;-P



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