Learning .NET by yourself isn’t exactly easy, PHP isn’t any easier…

I’ve been trying to learn .NET for a long time now (3-4 years). Because I haven’t had the bandwidth to download training material or even run through training material online, It’s been really hard to learn even the basics!
Heck, I only got a copy of Visual Studio 2005 about a month ago…

A few months ago, I started spending as much time on IRC as possible, in a channel made for web developers. I thought “gee, this might be an awesome place to pick up some learning aids and training material”. It wasn’t. Little did I know that the channel I’d joined was full of PHP developers who (if it weren’t illegal) would go out and brutally assault or even murder every .NET developer they could find.
So I figured that maybe .NET was too complicated and started learning PHP. I’d never lost my love for .NET though and constantly demonstrated how it was superior to PHP at every opportunity. If you’re into PHP, you should’ve stopped reading about a paragraph ago… It’s only going to get worse for you.

For one thing, there are so many symbols and operators and comparative characters that you need to learn in PHP… EVERYTHING goes in brackets or parenthesis and Lord help you if you missed one out because you’ll never find it.
At Microsoft though, the wonderful people who work day and night to deliver the high standard applications and services we have come to expect from the multi-billion dollar empire, have made Visual Basic as near to english as possible, so it’s really easy to read through and learn.

Eventually after getting my hands on Visual Studio 2005, I found Beth Massi’s Visual Basic Forms over Data video series and am currently going through it when I’ve got time.
I suggest that if you want to find top-notch training aids and tools, check out her blog, you WONT be disappointed.



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